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Welcome to OIT LAN Support

Services Available

The services offered to Departments will cover new network installations, network upgrades, troubleshooting, and maintenance. We provide:

  • Network needs assessment
  • FP development, evaluation, and bid response
  • Software and hardware support for most available LAN systems and LAN based software
  • packages
  • Network installation and upgrades
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Novell NDS Maintenance
  • New LANs

For new network installations, our staff can assist with network needs analysis; prepare or review specs for new networks or network upgrades; install/upgrade network operating system on network server; install, connect, and configure workstations and peripherals, and install, upgrade and configure network software applications.

LAN Upgrades

Network upgrades, including the upgrade of network operating system software; the installation and configuration of new network applications; the installation, connection, and configuration of additional workstations and peripherals; and the installation and configuration of hardware upgrades in network servers, are all a part of this new service. In addition, our staff can help coordinate LAN connections with the campus-wide network (when available).

Problem Solving

We can troubleshoot network problems involving operating systems, the server, workstations, network applications, and printing. Network maintenance can also be provided including maintaining network documentation, remote network monitoring, optimizing server performance, design and help maintain network backup schedule, and installation of network operating system upgrades and fixes. Our staff can also design and/or conduct seminars for network managers and for network users as a non-contract service.

It should be noted that OIT LAN Support will not be involved in doing network cabling, but can act as a coordinator for involving the other appropriate OIT groups from Cabling, Network Services and Telecommunications.